Welcome to the NEW TVR M Series Online Technical Manual

News update on 1st March 2021

Blog section most up to date page at the moment. Will have some interesting tuning info coming up soon, working on a few projects that are relevant to anyone with a Carburettor.

Parts section now live, 'Origins List' which will also double up as a link to those parts where possible.

See the New Blog section in menu for latest updates, a few interesting parts links now live. The Blog section is intended to update you, and if you download the Wix app you can access this website in mobile style format from there also.

Old News:

New item from Webcon - which is very relevant to 3000M/S/Taimar models. This is a very good value part that with a bit of work is going to transform the fuel economy & driveability/emissions for your TVR. Check it out here:

In fact it's so interesting to me I plan to fit & try it out later this summer. More to appear on this subject!

Welcome to the NEW Website. This site has been redesigned - mainly due to HTML5 etc being incompatible with the old site. I am now in the process of adding all the old members area pages to this site (ie. no more membership area) as things have changed so much & the internet is full of how-to stuff on youtube etc.

PARTS DEVELOPMENT NEWS! - I'm hoping to start up a design/build/production for obsolete parts later this year, much has been progressing behind the scenes but I'm hoping to start to provide a source of some very useful M Series parts in the not too distant future. I'm already able to design & produce prototype parts of non-safety related items such as trim pieces in various types of plastic, and metal parts such as handbrake buttons etc.

Thank you - and thanks for your continued support of this site!

This manual is currenly being compiled for modern browsers & smart phones

The time taken will be worth it, as you will finally be able to view the infromation you need while out & about if neccessary

The M Series TVRs were a classic evolution of the earlier models designed in the 1960's & 70's. Now a rarity in the days of more "disposable" mass produced vehicles, the fibreglass shell makes these cars in particular much less prone to being scrapped.





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