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June 2023

I've decided to sell the 3000M after being in the family for 33 years.

It's (still) an ongoing restoration due to my workload, & serious lack of time, but with the Triple Weber DCNF Carbs, Aldon Amethyst Programmable ignition timing, Burton Engineered Stage 3 (3100cc) V6 Essex Engine, Yella Terra Roller Rockers, & Wilwood Front 4 Pot Calipers, this could be a really great car for an enthusiast. It still needs some work to finish it off (eg seats need a retrim, dash centre panel needs remaking), but does come with some brand new parts I'd planned to fit. It's a 1976 model so is Classic Car Tax & MOT exempt. It was a nut & bolt, bare fibreglass restoration and has done 1500 miles in about 20 years, so is not getting the use it should.

Only serious enquiries please!!

Please message me here for further info / if you'd like to view the car.

Update May 2023

Sad news - Esso Synergy Supreme +99 Petrol is changing in Sept 2023 to contain up to 5% Ethanol
Enjoy the last summer of decent petrol is all I can say. The majority of UK fuel has contained ethanol for many years now, & i'm coming across issues with both classic & newer vehicles due to this. It's causing corrosion in steel parts within the fuel system (eg tanks & banjo bolts), & resulting debris clogging filters & eventually blocks carburettor float needle valves. I've been recommending fitting Filter King units with glass bowls to any vehicle not yet using a filter, so you have the best chance of stopping the rust etc reaching the carb (and pump in most cases). 

You can read about Esso's Synergy changes here:

News update on 29th May 2022

It's nearly summer now, guessing many of you are spending the weekends out in your cars or working on repairs/projects. I've been too busy working as usual, but hope to get the old website moved over to this one pretty soon now. Have been cleaning up the 3000M's front brake discs this weekend, after the car's long period in storage,. An easy enough job thanks to the Wilwood Dynapro Calipers & the TR6 stub axles, if only every car was this simple!

The T slots are probably the worst thing to deteriorate, seems they're happy to corrode at the slightest hint of moisture. Spiders love the wheels too - the back of the wheel spokes were full of them.


News update on 1st May 2022

Hope you all had a good Easter & are enjoying the weather warming up (except today). See my blog page for the latest news, including a recent trip to see some nice cars in Warwickshire at a modern venue. Would make a good day out for you & your TVR! I've also started some work on the 3000m now, as some long term work commitments have been completed. I intend to fully populate this new website with all the old site's info, and also add some much needed new articles & "how to" sections that have been way too long in the making.

Blog page new article - Engine Tuning & making sure everything is correct for the age of the engine

New: Carburettor Rebuild Service - I have decided to offer a carburettor rebuild service to all TVR owners. This involves a full strip down, inspection, & sonic cleaning process prior to rebuild with new genuine components where possible. I do this already as part of my business for many vehicles, so please drop me an email (see link below) if you're interested. Fast turn-round guaranteed & initial inspection report before any work commences with an estimate for the work required. Price is £100 Labour (per carb, no VAT), parts cost as necessary & return postage extra. Special Delivery used for return, unless otherwise requested.

Carb Service Enquiry

Carburettor Info Request for a TVR owner:

Does anyone have a Weber 40DFI Carburettor fitted to their V6 Essex? If so, any chance you can send the jet sizes you are using, as a ballpark setting for a TVR owner?

Secondly, does anyone have any choke parts for a Weber 40DFI, i.e. choke spindle, butterflies, actuator rod, choke linkage arms/pivot bolts etc? 

Many thanks in advance. Please email any assistance by clicking here

26th August 2021

E10 Fuel in the UK - coming to your petrol station on 1st Sept.

E5 (95 RON) will no longer be sold, only Super Unleaded (97/98 RON / Premium). Here's a useful article on what you need to do if running an older car using a carburettor - E10 The good, the Bad and the Ugly.pdf (

DCNF ram pipe installation now started. Will publish a new section for this once complete.

Older News Items:

Youtube Link for this website now available: tvrmfix

Selling my own services for once: I'm offering R134a Aircon Regas/Servicing/Leak testing from now through to October as a mobile service. Obviously not for old TVRs but can do any car up to about 2016-7 with R134a Gas (later cars have a new type of gas). I also have a nebuliser machine to anti-bac the interior of the car along with the evaporator, especially handy for the current Covid situation. If you're interested, drop me an email. I usually cover the  Worcestershire/Oxfordshire/Warwickshire area but can travel further if you are able to arrange a group of cars to be done at the same time. Quantity rates available for group bookings.

Hopefully some trips out in the good weather have been possible in your TVR by now. Roads almost back to normal in the UK & plenty of classics driving about this weekend. Enjoy!

New today is a Suppliers link in the Parts section (see top menu)

Here's a link to a very useful Pre 80's TVR parts supplier - includes Fuel Filler Cap Seal Kits, Windscreen Seals, Wheel Centre Caps, Door Hinge Kits, Clutch Cables (RHD & LHD options) and much more: 

Grays Motoring Solutions/TVR Pre 80s resources (

Blog section shows latest updates to the website. Thanks for all the new subscribers, and your submitted survey forms. With the UK lockdown easing and the better weather approaching this year looks good for classic cars in general. Cars are selling fast as far as I can tell, and values are still on the rise. 

Still to come is some new tuning info, am working on a few projects that are relevant to anyone with a Carburettor.

Parts section now live, 'Origins List' which will also double up as a link to those parts where possible.

See the New Blog section in menu for latest updates, a few interesting parts links now live. The Blog section is intended to update you rather than this page, and if you download the Wix app you can access this website in mobile style format from there also.

New item from Webcon - which is very relevant to 3000M/S/Taimar models. This is a very good value part that with a bit of work is going to transform the fuel economy & driveability/emissions for your TVR. Check it out here:

In fact it's so interesting to me I plan to fit & try it out later this summer. More to appear on this subject!

Welcome to the NEW Website. This site has been redesigned - mainly due to HTML5 etc being incompatible with the old site. I am now in the process of adding all the old members area pages to this site (ie. no more membership area) as things have changed so much & the internet is full of how-to stuff on youtube etc.

PARTS DEVELOPMENT NEWS! - I'm hoping to start up a design/build/production for obsolete parts later this year, much has been progressing behind the scenes but I'm hoping to start to provide a source of some very useful M Series parts in the not too distant future. I'm already able to design & produce prototype parts of non-safety related items such as trim pieces in various types of plastic, and metal parts such as handbrake buttons etc. Please send a message to me via the About - Contact page in the top menu if you have any urgent need for a specific part to be designed. I will be setting up a website shop once plans have progressed.

Thank you - and thanks for your continued support of this site!

This manual is currenly being compiled for modern browsers & smart phones

The time taken will be worth it, as you will finally be able to view the infromation you need while out & about if neccessary

Learn with AHFA

Learn with AHFA

The M Series TVRs were a classic evolution of the earlier models designed in the 1960's & 70's. Now a rarity in the days of more "disposable" mass produced vehicles, the fibreglass shell makes these cars in particular much less prone to being scrapped.





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